Specialty 100% Arabica

Our Café Majada, sourced directly from the high-altitude, volcanic regions of El Salvador, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and direct trade practices. We work closely with the farmers, bypassing intermediaries, to bring you 100% Arabica beans that thrive in the unique microclimate of El Salvador.

Our dedication to perfection goes beyond taste; it extends to transparency. We believe you should know the exact origin of your coffee, down to the plantation. Through direct trade, we establish a connection between you and the farmers, ensuring fair compensation for their exceptional efforts.

Café Majada undergoes a refined processing method, honed over generations, resulting in a taste that is nothing short of astonishing. Grown in compliance with ecological standards and Rainforest Alliance certified for sustainable practices, each bean is hand-picked, sun-dried, and slowly roasted by individuals who share our passion for exceptional coffee.

Embracing the ideal mountain microclimate of El Salvador, every sip of Café Majada is a journey through the rich, diverse flavors of this exceptional region. It's more than coffee; it's an invitation to experience the finest coffee nature and people have to offer. Join us on this remarkable journey, and savor the meaning of true coffee excellence.

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A pure Bourbon variety from the east and southeast of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec region, 1000-1200 m above sea level (SHG). This coffee has a full expressive body with a long...

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El Ataco
In stock
from €7,08

Pure Pacamara variety from the Chalatenango region, over 1400 m above sea level (SHG). This coffee has a distinctive citrus and sweet chocolate aroma and a full, pleasant...

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El Bueno
In stock
from €7,08

Pure Bourbon variety from the Apaneca - Ilamatepec region, 900-1100 m above sea level (HG/SHG).   A balanced coffee with a full body, rich aroma, with a pleasant...

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Gourmet (1)
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Pure Bourbon variety of gourmet quality from the Apaneca - Ilamatepec region, harvested at 1400-1800 m above sea level (SHG). This coffee has a full body with a long chocolate...

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from €7,08

Pure Bourbon variety from El Bálsamo region, 1 300 m above sea level (SHG) A very smooth and balanced coffee with excellent body, clean and rich aroma, with a pleasant slightly...

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A pure variety of Pacamara grown in high-altitude micro-lots of El Salvador

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