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Welcome to the world of exceptional specialty coffee Café Majada!

As the exclusive importer and distributor of the Café Majada brand in Europe, we are proud to support farmers in El Salvador through direct trade, where we have been travelling regularly since 2008.

Our many years of experience allow us to bring you the best that coffee from these high mountain volcanic regions has to offer. 100% Arabica grown in unique conditions and roasted in our own roastery in Moravia guarantees an unforgettable experience with unique character and a rich palette of flavours in every sip.

You can find Café Majada's brand store in the heart of Olomouc at Ztracená 4, where you can taste and buy our coffee. Above all, we share our passion for coffee here. We offer training for the public, but also advanced certified courses for baristas and owners of gastropubs who wish to achieve perfection in coffee preparation. We deliver our coffee to restaurants, hotels and other businesses across the country.

Our coffee is not just a product, it is an invitation to a journey to find the best that nature and people have to offer. Discover the world of specialty coffee with us, whether you are a home coffee drinker or a professional barista. We offer not only our coffee, but also quality barista equipment to help you achieve the perfect cup every day.


Visit us in person!

You can find us at Ztracená 4, Olomouc.

We are open every weekday from 9am to 5pm.