Origami Air Dripper plastic - S

Brand: Origami

Plastic Origami dripper.

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Origami Air Dripper plastic - S
Brand: Origami
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ORIGAMI dripper with deep vertical grooves and vivid colours.

Inspiration was found in origami - the Japanese art of folding various motifs from paper. ORU means to fold and KAMI means paper.

The product design team worked with many baristas to develop the ideal coffee brewing time in the dripper with 20 ribs that create air channels and maintain a smooth drip, without clogging, bringing optimal control over the drip rate.

Size: S
Capacity: 1-2 cups
Recommended filters: Origami paper filters S, Hario paper filters V60-01
Diameter: 120 mm
Height: 70 mm
Material: copolymer plastic (AS resin)
Manufacturer: Origami (Japan)